Acciai Vender was founded in 1976. It is a company specialized in stainless steel transformation and distribution. Today Acciai Vender is a leading company both on the Italian and European markets.

In recent years, Acciai Vender has decided to extend strategically its warehouses in Italy with the opening of its branches in Agrate Brianza and Fiume Veneto.

The new warehouses can boast high-tech systems that facilitate the preparation of material in a very short time and allow to maintain a wide range of products for every need.

These branches have the availability of long and flat products and fittings, a range to satisfy any request.


We have implemented a completely automated storage system that allows to locate goods immediately and have a total stock control.


Thanks to a wide range of flat and long products and fittings, Acciai Vender is a global partner for various companies
that develop solutions and finished products in different fields.