About us


Since 1976, the year of its foundation, Acciai Vender has specialized in stainless steel transformation and distribution and has become one of the Italian and European leaders over the years. Acciai Vender has reached a high level of variety through a continious research of innovative solutions offering a full range of long and flat products and fittings in different stainless steel grades.

Acciai Vender

The aim to increase the production capacity has determined new investments to boost and to modernize the processing equipment. The surface finishes include grinding, scotch brite, mechanical polishing, duplo and flower pattern. Constant selection of raw materials and a strategic choice of suppliers have facilitated commercial relations with the biggest stainless steel producers all over the world.

The strategic choice of raw material suppliers has helped Acciai Vender become one of the leading companies in terms of product and service quality all over the world.


Acciai Vender strongly believes in its service quality thanks to constant investments in technologic innovation.

In practice this means:


Monitoring of products and processing in order to point out
eventual problems and take targeted action if needed.



Improving internal effectiveness and efficiency
by optimising operating and organizational procedures.



Choosing accurately the suppliers with the best quality
of products and service.



It has always been a priority for us to let our clients know where the products are located at any time.
That is why we have been constantly investing in technologies that allow to track and trace the products in every stage, from procurement of raw materials and processing to sale.
We use a geolocation and barcode system able to monitor each product in a whole chain.


Acciai Vender is equipped with an innovative and advanced storage system able to satisfy the needs of each customer.

Most of our warehouses have a technological infrastructure that allows a completely automatic storage and tracking. The production system is based on “just in time” principle able to guarantee the availability of processed products in the desired quantity and time. The full automation provides a total stock control, quick tracking and a high level of safety during a whole chain. Packaging equipment avoids damaging products while loading / unloading. The barcode assigned to the delivered products assures their constant monitoring.


In recent years, Acciai Vender has decided to extend strategically its warehouses in Italy with the opening of its branches
in Agrate Brianza and Fiume Veneto.

The new warehouses can boast high-tech systems that facilitate the preparation of material in a very short time and allow to maintain
a wide range of products for every need.

These branches have the availability of long and flat products and fittings, a range to satisfy any request.